GoDaddy Review 2013

GoDaddy Review 2013 – Nutshell

GoDaddy is famous for being a host provider but the company also offers a simple shopping cart solution. One thing good about this is that they are an all-in-1 service provider. Merchants coming to them to buy hosting would be able to try out their solution known as the Website Builder. The service does not come free but is on a monthly subscription plan much like their hosting plan. Here’s the skinny on the GoDaddy review based on their Website Builder.

O, Yeah!  Simple to set up and comes with only 3 basic steps for merchants to set up their online website. Affordable pricing. Comes with free hosting, customer support, emails, iStock photos.

O, No!  No free trial offered for merchants to try out. Templates provided are very simple and not really impressive. May not be suitable for advanced users or big merchants.

TEDN Overall GoDaddy Review 2013 Score: 5.75

GoDaddy Offers Hosting Services And Website Builder

GoDaddy Offers Hosting Services And Website Builder


For new beginners or first time merchants who want to try setting up an online store, they will find GoDaddy’s solution easy to use. Plus the fact that you could have your domain name registered, site hosted and built by using the company’s solution. Those who want to move their domain to GoDaddy will find the GoDaddy domain transfer process easy and quick.

GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing

There are 3 different pricing tiers offered – Economy, Deluxe and Premium. Of course the longer you sign up, the more you will save in terms of monthly subscription fees. Also, every plan comes with a limited amount of free iStock photos. Email addresses offered are also limited to 1 for Economy, up to 500 (for Deluxe) and 1000 email addresses (for Premium).

With so many people using their smartphones and tablets to shop these days, the company has added free mobile sites for each plan. Only the Deluxe and Premium plan has customizable mobile sites.

Note : Both Economy and Deluxe plans do not come with SSL certificate (used for accepting online payment – keeps your site secure). Only the Premium plan comes with a free SSL cert. You will need an SSL cert so you could choose to purchase from GoDaddy or other SSL cert providers.

News Flash : NEW GoDaddy Pricing! Features offered remain the same except for the pricing which has dropped lower benefiting customers.

>>>Small Business solutions! Start with a $5.99 .COM!<<<

New GoDaddy Website Builder Price

New GoDaddy Website Builder Price


GoDaddy SSL Cert Pricing

GoDaddy SSL Cert Pricing Plans


Depending on your business needs, the SSL Cert Plans offered by GoDaddy are also able to cater for multiple domains or even single domains with multiple sub-domains. Or you could opt for the usual single domain requirement.

While most sellers expect an all-in-one ecommerce solution that includes important features especially when it comes to internet security, GoDaddy seems to choose to charge for this. Even InstanteStore bundles a shared SSL certificate to protect all their merchants without charging extra.

GoDaddy Templates

24 different categories of templates to pick from. The template designs are very simple with the most basic elements available. If you are looking for beautiful and eye capturing templates, you may have to look elsewhere or get them custom designed for your business site. Here’s a look at some sample Clothing templates offered by GoDaddy :

GoDaddy Sample Clothing Templates


Important Note : Those who are thinking of signing up for the Website Builder should have a look at the available templates FIRST. This is so that you can decide which template you would want to use for your business site and not end up being disappointed later on.

GoDaddy Website Builder Features 

GoDaddy Website Builder Features


The features that come with the Website Builder are simple and are not as comprehensive as some of the more powerful shopping carts. However for new beginners, they are sufficient enough.

Note : There’s no free trial to try out the solution. While the features shown on GoDaddy’s site looks impressive, it would be good if they offer free trial periods for users and new merchants to try so that they could decide for themselves whether this is the solution for them or not.

The Crunch

The GoDaddy Design Wizard offers 3 different options for merchants to pick when they want to get started after signing up – Quick, Designer or HTML. The company claims that it only takes 3 steps to set up your own business site (fill up website info, choose a template, pick pre-selected pages) before publishing.

Note : Merchants need to find out about how to configure their store’s SEO on their own.

While merchants have access to iStock’s photo (from 8700 images to 28000 images depending on the plan you take), the solution also comes with an on-screen image editor which helps with the resizing or editing of images.

Social media widgets are included and merchants just need to drag and drop their selected choices on the template itself.

What’s Free?

Customer service or support is free along with email and hosting.

GoDaddy 2013 Super Bowl Ad

Thought this video was quite creative and decided to share it here.



If you’re looking for a powerful shopping cart that comes with all the features integrated and ready to use, this may not be the solution for you. However, if you’re looking for a really simple deal to get your online site up and running without the need for complicated or powerful features, then this would be a good place to start as the pricing is affordable and you could try it out for a month or so to decide.

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